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ESG Speedylectric Electrode Steam Generators are getting the job done, faster, safer, with far less maintenance across multiple industries

Faster Steam

In an electrode type steam generator, 100% of the electrical energy is converted to heat. There are no stacks and no energy is used to handle fuel or air or wasted heating the elements rather than heating the water itself.

Safer Steam

Safer operation because there's NO exhaust, NO flame, NO soot, NO blowers, NO fire hazard, NO burners, NO low-water danger, NO fuel pumps, NO tubes or coils to scale, NO elements to burn out, LESS critical water requirements. 

Less Maintenance

Scaling in our electrode steam generator presents a relatively minor problem when compared to fuel fired and resistance element electric boilers where extremely high heating surface temperatures bake on solids thrown out as water flashes into steam. 

Proven Reliability

Less Downtime

Lowest Operating Expense

Since 1946 ESG Corporation Speedylectric Electrode Steam Generators have built an unmatched reputation for reliable operation in all kinds of applications, in multiple industries, with customers on six continents!  Contact us for additional info on steam boilers from 1 to 14 BHP (Boiler Horse Power). 


Generating Steam Electrically 
There are two methods of utilizing electric power to generate steam in an electric boiler or steam generator. One is to pass electric current through a metal resistance-heating element immersed in water. The metal element resists the passage of current and develops heat, which by contact is conducted to the water and finally generates steam. The other method is to utilize the water itself as the resistance element carrying alternating current between solid metal electrodes. The resistance of the water to the passage of current produces internal heat that results in rapid steam generation. Here, we are principally concerned with the latter as Electric Steam Generator Corp. manufactures electrode type electric boilers under the SPEEDYLECTRIC brand. 

Electrode type electric boilers are available from one to over four thousand boiler horsepower. Steam pressures range as high as 1,200 pounds per square inch. Here we concentrate on what are considered low voltage steam generators using 600 volts or less and operating pressures of 250 pounds per square inch or less, as again, this is the type of electrode boiler manufactured by Electric Steam Generator Corp. These steam generators are commonly referred to as “point of use” electric boilers or steam generators. 


Contact us to discuss the requirements of your specific application.  With over 75 years in the business, ESG Speedylectric knows steam boilers. 

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