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About ESG Corporation

ESG Corporation is a Global Leader in Electrode Based Steam Generator Design, Development and Manufacturing  

Since 1946, ESG Corporation (ESGC) has been a global leader in the design, development and manufacturing of electrode type steam generators. With its home office and main manufacturing facility in Buchanan, Michigan, ESGC's "Speedylectric" Electrode Steam Generators are renowned for their rock-solid reliability, safety and ease of maintenance. 


Additionally, ESGC provides its customers with support services and parts (in stock) that will help keep your ESGC steam boiler running at optimal efficiency for many years to come.  


Questions about your application? Call ESGC now to discuss your requirements. Call toll-free at 800-714-7741


Advantages of ESGC's Speedylectric Electrode Type Steam Boilers

Conventional fuel fired boilers and electric boilers of the immersed resistive heating element type must utilize heat transfer surfaces at a temperature substantially higher than the desired steam temperature. The efficiency of such units depends on the efficiency of the conversion of fuel into heat and the efficiency of heat transfer. These efficiencies are highly dependent on heat transfer surfaces. Minerals are left behind and deposited on the hot heat transfer surfaces (scale) as the water flashes into steam. These deposits can greatly reduce heat transfer efficiency. With an electrode type electric boiler, heat is generated directly in the water itself, no part of the boiler is at a temperature higher than the steam being produced. The lower temperature reduces the tendency for scale formation and eliminates the problem of thermal shocking.

Smaller Footprint: Greater Flexiblity


Especially when compared to conventional fuel fired boilers, electric steam generators of the electrode type are constructed with a vertical pressure vessel thereby resulting in a relatively small footprint, occupying less valuable floor space. Because of their small footprint, SPEEDYLECTRIC steam generators can be located close the load, reducing long, heat wasting runs of pipe. There is no requirement for fuel handling space or equipment. As an electric boiler has no stack, there is no related stack heat loss and there is no problem with air pollution due to incomplete combustion of fuel. The hazards associated with the combustion of fossil fuels are eliminated. Additionally:


  • An electrode type electric boiler cools and restarts faster than other boiler types, reducing maintenance downtime. 

  • The simplicity of the electrode type steam generator concept minimizes the number of controls, contactors and safety devices required. 

  • Electrode steam generators are quick to react to sudden load changes, as there is no delay in transferring heat to the boiler water to produce additional steam. 

  • With electric boilers of the electrode design there is no possible “cold water” shock danger. 

  • Non-fluctuating steam pressure, stable temperature and automatically balanced electrical input are features engineered into SPEEDYLECTRIC Steam Generators and electric boilers.


Inherantly Safer Operation


Conventional fuel fired boilers and electric boilers of the immersed resistive heating element type are subject to failure with potentially disastrous results if the water level falls below some minimal point. There is no unsafe water level in an Electric Steam Generator Corp. SPEEDYLECTRIC electrode type electric boiler because, if for any reason the water supply is interrupted, causing the water level in the pressure vessel to fall below normal levels, the electrode tips will become completely exposed. No current will pass between the electrodes, no steam will be produced and no hazardous temperatures can occur. 


100% Efficiency - No Heat Loss Up the Stack


In an electrode type steam generator, 100% of the electrical energy is converted to heat. There are no stacks and no energy is used to handle fuel or air. Heat is lost in only two ways, through radiation and blowoff. 

For the future, electricity enjoys one very important advantage over fossil fuels --- it can be generated from a number of environmentally sound power sources, including hydro, tidal, solar, geothermal and wind. A great deal of time, effort and money are being devoted to developing new technologies and sources of electric power to help reduce our carbon footprint on planet Earth.

What About Water Scaling?


In areas where scale forming water is used for make up, scaling with electrode steam generator presents a relatively minor problem when compared to fuel fired and resistance element electric boilers where extremely high heating surface temperatures bake on solids thrown out as water flashes into steam. 

In SPEEDYLECTRIC Electrode Steam Generators, the resistance of the water to the passage of electricity generates heat and steam. No part of the generator is ever hotter than the water or steam itself. Therefore, no baking of solids or residue occurs. Furthermore, when the electrode tips become uncovered, no current can pass, hence, no low water damage can occur. 


Although scale, should it form on the electrode tips, increases maintenance requirements, it does not a loss in boiler efficiency or danger to personnel or equipment. Due to the electrical insulating quality of calcium scale, current flowing between the electrodes is slowed. In most cases, this scale can be quickly and easily removed from the electrode tips with a wire brush. 



With Speedylectric you gain All these advantages:


Questions about your application? Call ESGC now to discuss your requirements. Call toll-free at 800-714-7741

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