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Auto Balance Control Series Steam Boilers

Two to Fourteen Boiler Horse Power Complete Package Steam Boilers



These are but three characteristics of the SPEEDYLECTRIC Automatic Balance Control Electrode Steam Generator and Electric boilers. Non-fluctuating steam pressure, stable temperature and automatically balanced electrical input are features engineered into SPEEDYLECTRIC Steam Generators and Electric Boilers.



In areas where scale forming water is used for make up, scaling with electrode steam generator presents a relatively minor problem when compared to fuel fired and resistance element boilers where extremely high heating surface temperatures bake on solids thrown out as water flashes into steam.


In SPEEDYLECTRIC Electrode Steam Generators and electric boilers, the resistance of the water to the passage of electricity generates heat and steam. No part of the generator is ever hotter than the water or steam itself. Therefore, no baking of solids or residue occurs. Furthermore, when the electrode tips become uncovered, no current can pass, hence, no low water damage can occur.



With in the pressure vessel of the generator, a cylinder, open at the bottom, is welded to the inside of the upper-head of a pressure vessel. This cylinder divides the vessel into two concentric chambers. The outer chamber (K) is the regulating chamber. The inner chamber (J) is the generating chamber. Suspended within the generating chamber are the electrodes (N). Electric power (P) is easily connected to the three electrode terminals.


A prescribed quantity of Electrolyte is dissolved in water and poured into the generator through the hand fill (G). This Electrolyte remains in the generator until drawn off with the water through the drain valve (M). Electric power is turned on, and heat is generated by the resistance of the water to the passage of current between the solid electrodes. Steam produced in the generating chamber (J) flows through the steam valve outlet (I), and via the steam header (E), through the pressure regulating valve or (C) to the regulating chamber (K). Before the electric boiler is turned on, water levels would be balanced. (See Figure 1.) Adjusting the screw on the pressure regulator valve (D) sets the desired pressure. When the system is turned on, air is automatically exhausted through the air eliminator (A), which closes when heated by the steam. If the steam consumed is less than maximum, pressure built-up in the generator chamber until it reaches the pressure limit set by the pressure regulator. (See Figure 2.)


At this point the pressure regulator valve partially closes, reducing the amount of steam entering the regulating chamber. This unbalances the system momentarily, permitting the water to rise in the regulating chamber due to the higher pressure condition in the generating chamber. As the water level drops in the generating chamber the electrodes are progressively exposed, and the amount of steam being generated decreases. (See Figure 3.)


Inasmuch as current input is proportional to the immersed area of the electrodes, the falling water level reduces the electric input. Conversely, if heavy use of steam tends to lower the desired pressure, the regulating valve opens wide, allowing more steam into the regulating chamber. This forces water back into the generating chamber, increasing the flow of current and rate of steam production by completely enveloping the electrodes.


The water level in both chambers is rarely balanced. This condition occurs only at full load. The SPEEDYLECTRIC Automatic Balance Control System automatically adjusts electric input in precise balance with steam output in your electric boilers.



Speedylectric Steam Generators and electric boilers are the reliable answer for producing high or low pressure steam for molding, laminating, embossing, drying, humidifying, cooking, cleaning, degreasing, sterilizing, vulcanizing, heating, etc. They assure a constant temperature up to 400°F, independent of central boilers...and they can be installed anywhere in your plant - right next to process equipment, if desired. 

For Remote Areas where the need for steam is beyond steam lines and where costs of additional piping may be prohibitive. 

As an Auxiliary Electric Boiler for additional steam capacity, or for weekends, vacations, night work or any off-hour operation independent of the central boiler. Permits shut down of main boilers during summer months. 

For Higher Pressures than your central boiler supplies. Main boilers can be operated at lower pressures while a Speedylectric Steam Generator supplies the smaller amount of high pressure steam required. 

Speedylectric Steam Generators are constructed under the ASME power boiler code. Generator cases are constructed with 16 guage steel. Bases are constructed with 1/4 inch steel plate. All case and base surfaces are fully primed and exposed surfaces receive an enamal coating. Each completed unit is fully hydrostatically and operationally tested prior to shipping. All completed units are stamped with ASME "E" symbol stamp. 

All necessary items are included: Valving, Steam Pressure Gauge, Safety valve, Ammeter, Junction Box (breaker disconnect is customer supplied). Pressure Control Valve, Water Level Control and a Pump & Motor. Low-water cut-off devices are not required on Speedylectric Electrode Steam Generators because the electrodes themselves act as a low water cut-off. 

Contact us to discuss the requirements of your specific application.  With 70 years in the business, ESG Speedylectric knows steam boilers. 
  • SAFETY - No low water danger - self regulating.
  • FAMOUS ELECTRODE PRINCIPLE - No tubes or resistance elements to scale, clog or burn out.
  • SMALL FOOT PRINT - Vertical construction
  • EASY INSTALLATION - Only water + electrical required.
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