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Over the last 75 years, ESG Speedylectric Electrode Steam Generators have been used in thousands of applications across many industries, worldwide.  From manufacturing to concrete curing to microbreweries and packaging. (And the list keeps getting longer!)  Below are just a few examples:  



ESG's Speedylectric steam boilers are becoming an industry standard for microbreweries across America. Contact us to discuss the specific size and capacity for your application. 

Manufacturing Processes

Since 1946 Speedylectric's reliable steam generators have been used in thousands of demanding applications by manufacturers both large and small. Additionally, we have the flexibility to custom design a steam boiler to your exact specifications. Call us to discuss your requirements and get a quote. At ESG, we know steam boilers.

Food Processing

ESG Speedylectric steam boilers are ideally suited to provide heat and steam to the exacting standards required for safe food processing. ESG steam boilers have a 70 year history of reliable operation and less maintenance than the competition.     

Contact us to discuss how an ESG Speedylectric Electrode Steam Generator can deliver superior performance and greater reliability in your application. Call 800-714-7741. We know steam boilers. 
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